Voices of Maiz Continental Map

Círculo de Defensores del Maíz del Continente, acrylic en amate. Commissioned piece.
This body of work has been a prayer and journey beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It began on the sacred Xictepetl (Cerro de la Reina/Mountain of the Queen) in Tonalá, Jalisco in 2019. It was completed under the full moon in Colima and turned in during el día de Tonantzin, 2022.
This was a commissioned work for a círculo of corn defenders across the continent to map their resistance and beautiful corn. Each one was it’s own entity and brought it’s own teachings. I was on track to complete it in 6 months but life had other plans. Pero no me agüite, I pushed through it and this prayer is now complete.
It took me three years to get right, two of those with kids and a newborn, COVID, severe health issues and a journey through the addiction and recovery of a loved one who also helped finish painting the final version.
When this project came to me, I was so moved by it that I even decided to name my baby Xilotzin after it (pelito de maíz tierno.)
As I painted it I also healed. I changed my diet completely and it saved my life. I didn’t know I was allergic to gluten or dairy and I ended up decolonizing my tongue and basing my diet on corn. I was able to walk again, my life-long depression dissipated, and my pain (years of nonstop flare-ups) disappeared. All the while I picked away at this piece.
I still have to digitize it and prepare it to be sent out. I have other artworks forthcoming but none will ever compare to this, my first official obra de arte en acrilica.

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